Course Description:

            This course involves the study of the Earth, present and past, and the forces that influence changes in it, including weathering, erosion, deposition and plate tectonics.  Following a study of observation and measurement techniques we will study the Earth’s motion, place in the solar system, atmospheric and energy changes, and a general study of rocks and minerals.   The objective of the course is for students to refine their experimental skills (i.e. scientific method), increase their content knowledge and understanding of Earth Science concepts, cultivate critical thinking, and prepare for study in future science courses. Additionally, students will be exposed to science career opportunities, scientific literature, and design and perform investigations of their own.  

Instructional Strategies:

            Students will be exposed to a variety of teaching pedagogies such as demonstrations, lectures, inquiry laboratory experiments, skill worksheets, literature reviews, tests, and computer technology. Process skills in scientific reading and writing, listening, following directions, hypothesizing, observing, recording, evaluating, analyzing data, and cooperating with others will be emphasized throughout the course.



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